By delivering stunning new efficiencies Blue Zebra will play a pivotal role in tipping the scales back in favour of Australia's brokers.

Who is Blue Zebra?

We are a different breed in insurance.


Australian owned and innovation driven, we believe passionately in the role of the advice model in insurance. With the right advice from expert brokers, customers will be able to access the right covers from insurance companies when they need them the most.

We are injecting leading edge insurtech into the broker insurance market to help it thrive in the face of increased threats from direct channels.

With processes that are digitally enabled, Blue Zebra is built upon a platform that streamlines the entire insurance process from quote to claim. It allows brokers to combine the cost benefits of going direct with the ability to provide tailored personal advice to assist with the delivery of quality service and coverage to their customers.

As an underwriting agency working closely with brokers to deliver home, motor, landlords and SME insurance, we are without channel conflict. You will not see our brand going direct to the consumer, meaning we can work in long-term partnerships with brokers to help them grow their businesses.

We pride ourselves on being a different breed in insurance. We are easy to deal with, fast and efficient, well connected and with a commitment to enabling our broker partners to service their customers with leading technology. Our commitment is to help brokers assist their customers with getting a better experience with the insurance industry.

"With insurtech at the heart of everything we do, Blue Zebra's approach is to transform the insurance landscape. We're about helping Australian brokers reclaim their share of the more than $AUD30 billion SME and personal insurance market."

Blair Nicholls - CEO

Blue Zebra

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